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Once you’ve been selected for an interview, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous. However, our recruitment agencies in Wellingborough and Corby can help you prepare properly and our recommendations below can significantly improve your chances of success.
  • Always dress appropriately. Wear a suit if necessary but if not, make sure your clothes are clean and freshly ironed and that your hair is tidy. Ladies should avoid heavy make-up and jewellery
  • Research background information on the company and if possible, print details from their website to take along with you.
  • When you meet the interviewer, make eye contact, smile, shake hands and greet them in a manner that is similar to the way in which they greet you.
  • If they offer you a drink, take it as this provides invaluable time to talk to them informally. Sipping a drink will also give you time to think before answering a question.
  • Always take a pad and pen and make notes so that nothing is forgotten once the interview has finished.
  • Before leaving the interview, thank them for seeing you and confirm your interest in the position.
  • Call us as soon as the interview has concluded to discuss how it went.
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